papel de punto – square one

p a p e l (de punt☻) made its debut in 2 0 1 2 with the collection Japan, an anthology of sweaters ⎯minimalistic but bold⎯ headlining a dance of origami cranes, the Kānēshon in full bloom and paper boats, all knitted postcards from the land of future.

The conceptual brand of unisex knitted apparel was the thesis project of founder Laura Acevedo who fused her Arts and Fashion know-how to create the p a p e l (de punt☻) universe with its signature Neat but Fun philosophy. Our collections have a special sequence, each is a snappy comeback to the previous one. 

p a p e l (de punt☻) knits a witty world where contrasts and contradictions fall in love to make beautiful garments with plenty joie de vivre. Our original pieces are extremely soft so you feel snug as a bug in a rug, because when you feel cozy you can accomplish more.  Our brand takes care of our planet by using recycled fibers and reusable packaging in our products. Our pieces are made with love and the best quality so they can last a lifetime and a little more, so if by any chance a thread comes out we are more than willing to fix it, whether it’s an old or new collection.   

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