—jugar con FUEgo—

—j u g a r   c o n   F U E go — is the new creation of p a p e l ( de punt☻ )®:

as a game of words, -play with fire- pays homage to what is gone, and it’s neverending history ⎯fire, in spanish (FUEGO) contains the word FUE (it was) an GO, so our first iconic knitted jaguars (2015) are back, tropical charm in form of heliconia as a burning flower, evolving landscapes of a race flag, and perhaps the most permanent symbol of the mysterious attitude: felines⎯ dipped into a vibrant ’50s vibe, teddy boys and rockabilly.

a jump into the past: hear our rebel heart, it’s time to scratch into the old us. love is our sport, are you ready to fall in? or are you too scared, you want to run? 

in this collection we use again pointelle to create flirty smiley faces in polos that put the fun into fashion. so we can sing to the top of your lungs, ‘go go go’ cool cat.

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