The SITE and its products are realised by PAPEL EN BLANCO S.A.S , registered company in Bogota, Colombia. Carrera 18 # 84 – 24 Of 201 (NIT) 900.540 642- 1


The following terms are related to all purchases through p a p e l online store



The terms become effective the moment the user enters our website, either to see our products or purchase them through the online store.


These terms and conditions constitute a legally certified agreement between the user and PAPEL EN BLANCO S.A.S. By purchasing our products you agree to the terms and conditions. Before purchasing any product on this website, you should read these terms and conditions.


We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions rule the website and products. Any modification of the terms and conditions shall apply to all new orders once the terms and conditions are updated, and the publication on the website. We advise the buyer to consult the terms and conditions prior to purchasing in order to be clear and comply with the current version.


Contact us at the email info@papeldepunto.com


The terms and conditions contain the following sections:


– Information on the website and products

– Purchase

– Return Policy

– Purchase cancellation

– Terms of Warranty.

– Customer information privacy

– General terms regarding the relationship with our clients




In this section some terms are established regarding the website information, descriptions of products and the use of the website.

There are notices and additional liability exemptions applicable to the use of the website. By accepting these terms and conditions, you will also be accepting notices and disclaimers.


p a p e l strives to ensure that all information on the website, including descriptions of our products and prices, is accurate and correct at all times. However, its possible to have mistakes. We will try to resolve any errors in the information provided on the website as soon as possible and, if we consider that an error has affected the acquisition of a product, we will try to notify the buyer. However, since we continue these steps, we are not responsible to you for any errors that may exist on the website.


You should be aware that the experience of purchasing clothes and accessories online is relatively different than buying in a store. Above all, you must consider the following:


  • The colors of the products displayed on the website depends on many factors, including the configuration of your computer screen.
  • All sizes and measurements are approximate.
  • All products are subject to availability and may not be able to supply your order.




This part establishes the terms related to the purchase of our products through the online store.


You will make an offer to purchase a product, when the process of purchase is completed. The process is established by following stages:


Step 1: Select the product you wish to purchase

Step 2: Select the size to check product availability.

Step 3: Perform the corresponding record in the page.

Step 4: Specify the delivery address.

Step 5: Confirm the order and make the electronic payment.


Your order only constitutes an offer to purchase our products and sets no binding contract until we have accepted the offer.


When we receive your order, we will send a confirmation to the email address you have provided when placing the order. This email will contain your order number, information of the requested products and approximate delivery date.

The purpose of this e-mail is simply to confirm that we have received your order; it is not an acceptance of your offer to buy our products. Before accepting any offer, we must receive full payment of both the cost of the product/s and shipping.


The offers made to purchase products may only be considered accepted when we ship the product and notify you by email the shipment and data of each product. We reserve the right to reject any offer before accepting the order. If a product is not available, we will include the information regarding that product in the confirmation email.


All prices include VAT and other taxes.




These terms establish your right to return any product that you are not satisfied. When sending the products, we will include a return form, as well as information on how to return the product. If you want to return an item, it must be returned in the same condition in which it was acquired, along with proof of purchase, the original label and within (15) fifteen working days after the delivery. Accessories will not be accepted for return.


Products must be returned within 15 days after the delivery, the package must be wrapped securely and returned to p a p e l at CR. 18 No. 84 – 24/201, Bogota, Colombia.




These terms establish your right to cancel any product, established in the regulation of consumer protection and in this case, for purchases made online. Kindly contact us at info@papeldepunto.com specifying what you want to cancel from your order before the end of the cancellation period established by law (5 days from the date of receipt of the / the product / s, new consumer status, in Law 1480 of 2011).


Products must be returned as specified in the terms above.

Nothing in these terms and conditions affect your statutory rights.




All our products have one-month guarantee from the date of purchase applied in stitches or irregularity in the fabric/material.




In accordance to law, all personal data will be treated confidentially and all interest rights will be strictly protected. REVISAR


The data required for business transactions are stored and as the order is processed, can be sent to affiliated companies or to our service partners. In the case of a delivery note, you agree that we can exchange data (for checking credit worthiness) as your name, date of birth and address to financial service providers.


You can remove your permission for the processing or forwarding any other use of your data for advertising purposes at any time by notifying info@papeldepunto.com

After receiving your objection or removal, we will no longer use and process the affected data for marketing purposes and will cease sending advertising materials immediately.




Hereby are established the general terms that regulate our relationship with the user and the purchases made through our online store. The terms and conditions set the complete contract between the buyer and PAPEL EN BLANCO S.A.S regarding the sale, acquisition and use of the products. The terms supersede any prior agreement or agreement relating to the above case. The contract may only be modified if so agreed in written form between the buyer and PAPEL EN BLANCO S.A.S.


If any fragment of these terms and conditions is held invalid or not executable, either in whole or in part, it shall not affect the rest of the. Unless you appeal to your right as a consumer to initiate an action or rely on the laws of your country of residence, interpretation, meaning, purpose and application of these terms and conditions shall be governed by the Colombian Legislation and you and PAPEL EN BLANCO S.A.S agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Superintendencia de Industria y Comercio to resolve any dispute.